If there has to be defined a genre, Into The Sky from Muenster, germany can musically be described as ambient rock. With the emphasis on rock. You can also notice slightly electronic colors here and there to widen the vibe of the soundscape, whenever the song requires it, but the foundation of the music is always guitar orientated.

Into The Sky was founded in 2016 and comes from punk rock but wants to tread new musical ways and pour various tones to the mix, including influences from the so called Krautrock and ambient music combined with an intentional minimalism.


There are very few tracks under the 5 minute mark, because the music of Into The Sky is floating and evolving. Music for headphones in the very best sense. So the structure of the two released songs from the first release Before The Storm had to be stripped down to 4-5 Minutes. This on the other hand makes them very catchy and consolidated.
A long-player is in the making.